To deal with the accounting tasks and satisfy the needs of companies who prefer external agents to look after their accounts, or to offer assistance to companies who do their own bookkeeping.

This solution is taken with the aim of fulfilling, at a minimum cost, the obligations imposed by the legislation in this aspect and relieving the company of the concerns created by the existence of a permanent accounting team.


  • Organisation and management of the accounting system, whether in the client’s company or in the consultancy, with the possibility of exchanging information between the two, as well as guaranteeing a direct and efficient follow-up thanks to the use of the most advanced data processing systems and new technologies.
  • Guarantee of a direct and efficient follow-up.
  • Formalisation of the annual accounts, balances and declarations.
  • Formalisation of the statements of synthesis.
  • Situations involving mediation.
  • Financial and management statements.
  • Up-dating of the accounts by cycles.
  • Trends charts, reports.
  • Supervision of the accounts.

We offer a comprehensive formula which reassures our clients, enabling them to concentrate on the essential aspects of their company activities and enjoy the support of a partner with great experience and reliability in the area of administrative and accounts management.