In this area of expertise, our firm disposes of a team of recognized legal consultants. Our aim is to put at the disposition of investors, a legal structure that best adapts to the needs of their projects and that guarantees the fulfillment of their legal obligations, while they realize their day to day activities.


Organisation and management of the accounting system, whether in the client’s company or in the consultancy, with the possibility of exchanging information between the two, as well as guaranteeing a direct and efficient follow-up thanks to the use of the most advanced data processing systems and new technologies.

  • Assistance in the definition of your project
  • Establishing the legal statutes
  • Carrying out the bureaucratic and legal procedures for the constitution of your legal entity
  • Legal secretary of companies
  • Relations with administration
  • Advice and assistance in different aspects
  • Elaboration and negotiation of all kinds of business contracts, providing advice to our clients, in function of their legal entity
  • Legal advice in the preparation of international contracts

Being a multidisciplinary team, at all moments, we consider tax and accounting aspects related to the legal area.

We offer a comprehensive formula which reassures our clients, enabling them to concentrate on the essential aspects of their company activities and enjoy the support of a partner with great experience and reliability in the area of administrative and accounts management.