Finance bill 2018

The Finance bill for the year 2018 was prepared in an international context characterized by global growth, supported by the positive results of both the American and the Japanese economies, the favorable perspectives of emerging countries economies’ and the gradual recuperation of economic dynamism among Morocco’s main European partners.

This favorable environment should benefit the dynamism of the Moroccan economy in the year 2018.

The government aims, through the implementation of this Finance bill, to achieve a growth rate of 3.2% and to reduce the budget deficit to 3% of GDP, based on assumptions setting cereal production at 70 Million quintals and the average price of butane gas at US $380/T.

Based on the agreed reference framework and on the national and international context, the Finance Bill 2018 sets out the following priorities:

Support of social sectors: Education, healthcare and employment and reducing geographic disparities while giving a special interest to rural areas;
– To develop industrialization, encourage private investment and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
– The widespread implantation of advanced regionalization;
– Reforming public administration, improving good governance and accelerating the implementation of reforms.