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Economic growth

The Moroccan economy has experienced a moderate growth of its economy in 2018 compared to 2017, the GDP growth rate stood at 4.1%. According to the latest reports of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Morocco, the behavior of different sectors in 2018 was as follows: The good prospects for the 2018-2019 crop year […]

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Finance Act

The 2019 budgets will aim to maintain macroeconomic balances. A growth rate of 3.2%, control of inflation and deficit, as well as the development of social policies aimed at reducing social and territorial inequalities and the revision of the development model. The 2019 public investment will ensure the continued development of the country’s sector strategies […]

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Public debt

In fiscal year 2018, Morocco’s trade deficit widened, even though its coverage rate improved. Exports increased by about 10%, being the main export sectors and concentrating 80% of them. For the fifth year in a row, the automotive sector is the largest exporter. Phosphates and its derivatives make Morocco the country with the largest world […]

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The unemployment rate was around 9.8% at the end of 2018, a drop of 0.4 points from the previous year, which 81% was created in urban areas. About 58% of the 112,000 jobs created correspond to the service sector, followed by agriculture, forestry and fishing with 17%, construction by 13%, and industry and craft trades […]

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The inflation rate for 2018 stood at 1.9%, this slight increase being controlled, accompanied by the improvement of income levels, the decrease of the unemployment rate and access to consumer credit allowed a positive behavior of household consumption.

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Trade fairs and expositions

Trade fairs and expositions JANUARY – MAROCARNE & MILK  , Casablanca ( ) FEVRIER – SOLAIRE EXPO MAROC , Casablanca ( – SIEL , Casablanca ( – HALIEUTIS, Agadir ( MARCH – MOROCCO FASHION & TEX , Casablanca ( – CREMAI, Casablanca ( APRIL – MOROCCO COVERING , Casablanca ( – MEDICAL EXPO,  Casablanca ( – LOGISMED , [...] Read More

Moroccan government and public agencies

National web page of the Kingdom of Morocco Invest in Morocco Moroccan centre for export promotion Customs and indirect taxes administration National agency for the promotion of small and medium companies General Confederation of Moroccan Businesses

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