The Finance Act now provides for an exception to the application of the 35% and 20% rates. If a company’s net profit for a given year is equal to or greater than MAD100m, due to non-current income from the sale of fixed assets, the 35% rate applies only to that year. The 20% rate remains applicable to subsequent years, provided that the net profit has not exceeded the MAD100m threshold.
This rule has been applicable since January 1, 2024.

Increase in the General State Budget
– Up 3% on 2023.
– Operating expenditure increased, with a notable rise in personnel costs to 161.6 MMDH, an increase of 3.74%.
– Material expenditure rose significantly by 9.7% to 71.1 MMDH.

Increase in the Health and Social Protection Budget
– The budget for the Ministry of Health and Social Protection is forecast at around 30.7 MMDH for 2024, marking a 9.1% increase on 2023.
Tax reform
– The aim is to help finance public policies, stimulate economic growth and support the rebound of the Moroccan economy.

Consolidating the welfare state
– The PLF 2024 focuses on consolidating the foundations of the Social State.
– Major initiatives include the generalization of Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO) for underprivileged categories and the gradual operationalization of direct social assistance.

Ces changements reflètent les priorités du gouvernement marocain pour l’année 2024, en m These changes reflect the Moroccan government’s priorities for 2024, with a focus on strengthening public health, tax reform, and reinforcing the social state.ettant l’accent sur le renforcement de la santé publique, la réforme fiscale, et le renforcement de l’État social.