Trade in goods recorded at the end of December 2019 an increase in imports (+ 9.573MDH) more important than that in exports (+ 6.579MDH), which translates into a trade deficit of 1.5% or + 2.994MDH. However, the coverage rate remains stable at 57.4%. The increase in imports of goods is mainly due to the increase in imports of capital goods (+ 6,647 MDH), purchases of finished consumer products (+ 4,615 MDH) and semi-finished products (+ 4,496 MDH) . In contrast, imports of energy products and raw products fell by 5,894 million dirhams and 2,457 million dirhams, respectively.

Recorded exports are 2.4% or + 6.6 billion DH: 282.020MDH against 275.441MDH a year earlier. This increase follows the increase in exports from the following sectors:

– Automotive: + 6.6%; – Agriculture and agrifood: + 4.1%; -Aeronautics: + 7.3%; -Pharmaceutical industry: + 1.5%.