At the end of the year 2022, imports reach 614.935MDH against 426.318MDH at the end of October 2021, i.e. an increase of 44.2% or+188.617MDH. Exports increased by 36.4% or +94.536 million dirhams, reaching 354.095 million dirhams at the end of October 2022 against 259.559 million dirhams a year earlier. According to the latest figures of the Foreign Exchange Office relating to foreign trade.

Consequently, the coverage rate lost 4.5 points, passing to 57.8% against 62.3% previously.

On the other hand, MRE receipts have increased by 11.5% compared to last year.
For their part, foreign direct investment (FDI) revenues improved by 33%. Expenditure, on the other hand, increased by 7.3%. Thus, the net flow of FDI increased by 50.5%.

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